Mariola, owner and founder of Folklore & Tradition

Mariola Cabria started Folklore & Tradition because she felt deeply connected with Mayan embroidery and how it made her feel at home. Her deep passion for the arts gave her the courage to start her own small business while also enjoying her hobby. Mariola's exposure began in her two beloved countries where she is from, Mexico and Guatemala. Mariola has spent her childhood working in the markets at the young age of six and had to give up her education to provide for her family during hard hours of labor. Her exposure to the markets and artisanal culture contributed to her small business accomplishments she is proud of today. For Mariola, it was never been about making money, it was all about supporting other women like her who had no support at all. She is a Mayan who cares about Mayan artisans and keeping the traditions alive for generations to come. Not only is Mariola an artisan herself, but she also speaks indigenous languages and continues to build life long friendships with those around her. Today, her small business stands in Dallas, Texas where she enjoys building lifelong friendships with her customers. Those who know Mariola know that she cares about her clients and gives them the best experience they can possibly have. Mariola continues to share her story in hopes of changing the way people see the world so they can appreciate the talented indigenous women and the work they do.